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Christian Arts : Christian Poetry Personal Pages


  • Angel of the Clouds Inspiration - Offers inspirational poetry by Peggy Jo Lisi. Includes email greeting cards and a recipe of the day. 

  • Animal's Christian Picture Poetry - Offers poetry written by Bill Pearce, as well as pictures and e-cards. Loaded with graphics. 

  • Anthology of Spiritual Poems - Presents a collection of poems and essays with explanatory footnotes by R. Thomas. 

  • Apollo Sage Limited - Offers poetry by writer Larry Kent James, from his book Wisdom Made Manifest. 

  • Asrees Mysteries - Features poetry by James Middlestetter, dealing with life experiences, death, and love. Includes photos, clipart, and wise sayings. 

  • Assorted Thoughts - Includes poems by Mark Fields, as well as tracts on the Christian faith. 

  • Baron, Ron - Features several original poems by Ron Baron, with Christian themes. Includes a short biography of Ron. 

  • Believers In Jesus - Features poetry and the online books 'Judgment Day' and 'A Sermon to Remember', by James Hoskison. 

  • Breaking Room, The - Features poems by David Crow and a forum where others can share their ideas, hopes and fears in creative writing. 

  • Brian Apollo: Online - Presents Mr. Apollo's poetry, as well as his family tree, favorite cartoons, and recommended psychology links. 

  • Chalaskans Christian Inspiration - Offers Christian poetry, electronic greeting cards with Christian themes, and inspirational stories. 

  • Christian Poems 2000 - Offers poems and other writings by Guido Pagliarino, in Italian and English. 

  • Christian Poems and Writings - Offers poems and other writings to share by Roger Montgomery. Books by Mr. Montgomery may also be ordered through this site. 

  • Christian Poetry - Presents a collection of poems and other writings by Je' Leites, with an evangelical tone. 

  • Christian Poetry - Personal website accepting contributions. 

  • Christian Poetry and Sermons - Contains poems, sermons, links, and lists by Matthew G. Guy, which are intended to encourage believers in Jesus Christ. 

  • Connie Bratcher - Original inspirational poems. 

  • Diary of a Young Monk - Poetry describing spiritual awakening and growth in the spiritual life. 

  • Doug's World - Contains inspirational Christian poems by Doug Lang, as well as cards, photographs and a biography of the author. 

  • Enchanted Mountain Poems and Cards - Offers cards, humor, maxims, and poems on love, life, and religion by B.G. Wetherby. 

  • Encouraging Words from Elsie Young - Includes poetry and weekly verses from Elsie K. Young, intended to provide inspiration and encouragement to help sustain and strengthen readers' Christian faith. 

  • Erica's Poems - Inspirational poems and personal testimony. 

  • Evangelical Poetry - Inspirational Christian poetry and verse by Jody R. Goode. 

  • Faith, Love and Compassion - The Poems of Elaine Coltham - Homepage of Elaine Coltham, Christian poet and author, whose work supports various charities. Includes extracts, contact details and profiles. 

  • Ferguson, Marilyn: Echoes of the Heart - Collection of original poetry organized by topic. 

  • From Texas To Israel, With G-d's Love - Presents Christian poetry about Israel, the Jews, and the endtimes, by James F. Hill. 

  • Fruit of My Spirit - Contains inspirational poems of a spiritual nature, designed to uplift and rejuvenate the spirit, by a Chicago African-American woman. 

  • Gem Ministry - It is a ministry of Christian poems dedicated to the Glory of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. 

  • God Shakes the Darkness - Contains writings of Leslie Johnson, focusing on recovering from childhood abuse. 

  • God's Garden of Poetry and Sunshine - Offers a number of Christian poems with a garden theme. Features bluebirds flying across the page, as well as dancing sunglasses. 

  • GospelSmiths - Offers numerous poems by Arkansas poet, Bob Smith, featuring biblical narrative poetry, tropes, shadows, types & patterns in the KJV Scripture. 

  • Grace's Christian Poetry Page - Contains poem's by an author who wishes to dedicate her work to her one and only Saviour Jesus Christ. 

  • Griffith, Russ - Original inspirational poems. 

  • Heavens Inspirations - Inspirational poetry and a resource of poetry for special occasions [baptism, wedding, baby dedication], card verses and scripture poetry. 

  • Helen's Little Christian Poetry Page - Christian poetry by Helen Harris. 

  • Helptosee Christ -- Let's talk about our experience - Christian fellowhip through homespun poetry, testimonies, and stories. Christian advice and club. Chat, and summit a poem or story to be added on the site. Free stuff, a free book, free gift for those who donate. 

  • Human Dust Alive - Presents an anthology of inspirational poetry and prayer by Dominik Rabiej, the sequel to his Return to the Path. 

  • In Awe of His Glory - Presents Christian poems by Miss Joyce, which she writes to "Praise my Heavenly Father the best way I can."   

  • Jesus Zone - Offers inspirational poetry by Mary Jane Vincent. Includes promises, prophecies, and links, as well as a biography.   

  • Joys Inspiration Pages - Presents poetry by Reverend Joy Gartside. Includes biographical data, photos and a guestbook.   

  • Judy's List of Pages - Displays a collection of over 100 Christian poems, stories, and Bible studies, with an evangelical tone.   

  • LightHearted Words by Karen - Presents Christian inspirational poetry and a biography by Karen Ragan. Features animation and music.   

  • Lion and the Lamb - Presents poetry by Georgina Smith dealing with themes of pain and love "for the bruised reed and the smouldering wick."   

  • Little Bit of Heaven - Contains poetry by Joan Clifton Costner, focusing on Gospel themes. Features background music.   

  • Love Poems from the Heart - Provides love poetry and spiritual poems exploring life and death, Christianity and Christian religious experiences, by Bill Charlton.   

  • Martha's Moments With The Master - Offers poems intended to share the wisdom of the Lord, His humor and His love.   

  • Me Religious Poems - Displays poems by Joseph Allen Provencial. Links to Poem of the Day.   

  • My Place - Includes poems on Christian themes by Elizabeth Frasier, who seeks to speak the words of God in her poetry.   

  • Myplace - Presents Christian poetry, artwork and photographs by Lindy Michelle, designed to glorify the Lord and inspire others who are searching for and in need of God.   

  • Overflow - Presents a series of poems by Aimee Love. Also includes her testimony.   

  • Poems and Stories to Cry With - Presents poems and stories on inspirational themes.   

  • Poems from the Heart of Kentucky - Features Christian poems by Terry Mosley, Allen Mosley and Misty Dawn Charles.   

  • Poems of Faith - Contains religious and spiritual poetry by Marilyn Lynn Falconer. Includes a biography and links.   

  • Poetic Pen - Devotional poems and inspirational writings.   

  • Poetry by Trilisa - Strives to express who the poet is, who God is, and what their relationship to each other is.   

  • Psalms of Life - Contains a collection of modern "psalms", or poetic prayers on various spiritual topics, by retired Anglican priest John Hammersley.   

  • Reflections - Features poetry for those in pain, by Cindy Eales, whose husband died of a brain tumor. Includes links to associations and people who can help.   

  • Rejoice: He Lives - Presents the Christian poetry of Stanley C. Leonberg, M.D. Contains graphic representations of elements of the Christian faith.   

  • Return to the Path - Contains Dominik Rabiej's collection of poetry, written while growing up in 1998, intended to inspire, guide and let others "return to the path."   

  • Revival of Love - Christian love poetry in sonnets and other poems of praise and worship, friendship and singleness, courtship and romance, marriage and family life honoring Jesus Christ and the poet's future wife.   

  • Ruby's Thoughts and Prayers - Presents poems by Ruby and Jim Homer on life, God and prayer.   

  • Rumin's Poems and Essays - Features Christian poems about family, children and sports. Includes photos and an essay on faith. In English and Chinese.   

  • Scroll of Time - Features poems by the late Jean Crump, on themes such as fate, creation, judgment, healing, God and Jesus. Also includes prose and artwork.   

  • Searching For Truth - Contains personal poems, song lyrics, and writings from Juneious A. Knotts III that reflect the author's love for Christ and search for truth, as well as links to other poetry and Christian-related sites.   

  • Sheppard, James Charles: Pulpit Poetry - Religious thought and Biblical teaching presented in verse.   

  • Singer's Homepage for Spiritual and Timeless Poetry - Features poems by designed to be uplifting and help people in their spiritual walk.   

  • Soothing Poetic Pages - Features poems by Dr. Trudy Veerman. Also offers mail order sales of Dr. Veerman's book.   

  • Steve Sanderfer: Songwriter, Poet - Includes original songs, lyrics and poetry on Christian themes.   

  • Suzanne Talbot Christian Poetry - Presents contributed poems.   

  • Testimony Of A Writer's Heart - Includes over fifty Christian poems written by Bethany Searle to serve as a testimony to her life and hope in Christ.   

  • Thoughts from a Teen's Heart - Presents poetry written by Linda (Leslie) Raymond, focusing on teen experiences of an earlier generation (1966-1973).   

  • Threads of Fate - A collection of 25 poems and prayers written by Dominik Rabiej during 2002.   

  • Throne Words - Includes poems, downloadable songs, and stories by Joe Medrek.   

  • Through the window - Inspirational poetry, songs, testimony and offer poetry.   

  • Thru His Eyes - A collection of poems about Christian faith. Also some other articles and stories.   

  • Tinidril's Poet's Page - Offers a collection of poetry and other writings and artwork. Includes writings of other Christian poets and book reviews.   

  • Vincent Dayknell - Includes poetry and biographical facts of Daniel V. Davis. Includes animation and photos.   

  • Walk the Tracks - Features Justin the Punk's Christian-oriented art, poetry, songs, and photos.   

  • 1 Way Only - Provides poems by Timothy A. Southall, Kimberly B. Southall, and others, with an evangelistic theme.   

  • Whispering Winds - Has poetry by Ann Martin, recipes, free graphics, Bible studies and a guestbook.   

  • Whispers From God - Features poetry by Ann Martin on a variety of Christian topics, with theme-related artwork.   

  • The Word Is Out - Educational and religious poetry.   

  • Words From Above - Poems of inspiration.   

  • Words of Life and Hope - Offers Christian poetry of love, encouragement, hope, peace, prayer, praise and worship, by Christine from Tasmania.   

  • Writings of Inspiration - Features poems written to be both fun and inspirational, by Pearl Galvan.



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